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Using 140 gram (about 1/3 pound) chicken thighs from California, our fried chicken is breaded with special OOTOYA panko, or breadcrumbs, topped with soft boiled egg and grated radish. Served in a special soy sauce based broth in an earthenware pot, this is a popular item on both on the regular OOTOYA menu and the special menu at the Chelsea branch.


Rosu katsu teishoku

Using 140 grams of silky pork loin from North Carolina, our fried pork is crumbed with OOTOYA's orignial panko, or breadcrumbs, and while it's crispy outside, it is tender and juicy inside. It is served in our own original semi-sweet sauce, and garnished with shredded cabbage, asparagus, and tomato.


Seiro soba

120 grams (about 1/4 pound) of OOTOYA's original homemade soba has the special texture and taste of soba that perfectly match with our OOTOYA's original soba noodle sauce. While OOTOYA specializes in serving teishoku, soba is also a popular choice of our customers, and doesn't take a back seat to teishoku. We recommend that you have some soba to wrap up your night after enjoying a bit of sake.


Yakitori ju

Using Brooklyn-raised Black Feather chicken, assorted grilled chicken and vegetables skewers are served over your choice of rice (Tamaki white rice, or a blend of millet and rice). Seasoned with wasabi (Japanese horseradish) with a special yakitori sauce drizzled on top, this is one of the very popular dishes for fans of OOTOYA's yakitori. The full yakitori menu is only available at night, but yakitori-ju is available for lunch and dinner.

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